Shanta Lana

Meet The Co-Chair

H.E. Amb

Shanta Lana

Her Excellency Shanta Lana Hereford is an esteemed leader and Royal Ambassador in the African Diaspora, dedicated to enhancing the welfare of Indigenous communities globally. As a Royal Ambassador-at-Large for The Ateker Kingdom Alliance, she represents more than 750 Indigenous African Kingdoms and Chiefdoms that span across East and Central Africa.

Dedicated to enhancing the welfare of Indigenous communities globally.

Helping In A Royal Way

As a Royal Diplomat and Director of Finance and Investment for the Continental Wide Agro-Industrial Park (AIPs) Development Consortium, she is instrumental in driving sustainable growth in Africa and the Diaspora using Africa’s natural resources as a catalyst for development. 

As the Founder of The Center for Truth and Healing (CFTH), a nonprofit organization, she initiated the "Building Bridges" initiative to strengthen diaspora connections and to promote unity among all indigenous nations. As a Global Goodwill and Peace Ambassador, Ms. Hereford's commitment to empowering Indigenous communities is unwavering and impactful.

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