Conference Leadership

Meet The Chairs

Shanta Lana

H.E. Shanta Lana Hereford

Program Co - Chair

HIM Empress Myishola I

Program Chair

H.E. Dr. Ameena Ali

Program Co - Chair

Speaker And Entertainment Committee Co-Chair

Marshon Kincy

Marshon N. Kincy is an economic developer from Compton, CA, Commander of the Mighty Forefront, and a founder of the new Mans Humanitarian Foundation.

CEO of the National Association of Juneteenth and the Mighty Forefront, Mr. Kincy has garnered experience in global economic development, specializing in international businessdevelopment, economic security, creative financial management, and community self-reliance projects. Mr. Kincy is partnering with governments as well as global and community organizations to begin economic development with strategic integration.

Through such partnerships, development is designed to expand to poverty-stricken communities in all countries and regions. New cities, technology, music and culture will be brought together in community development to help in the fight against poverty.

Exhibitor and Vendors Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Shanna Carter

Dr. Shanna M. Carter, J.D. The Purpose Resuscitator, Founder/CEO of Krumpin 4 Success, Inc.

Dr. Carter, widely recognized as "The Purpose Resuscitator," has triumphed over adversities to become a beacon of empowerment and encouragement. Her journey from a life marked by trauma, absent fatherhood, poverty, and identity struggles in Albany, Georgia, to overcoming so many obstacles and life hurdles when she moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1997, has been the foundation of her commitment to uplifting others. Her famous words… “We don’t deal in excuses.”

Dr. Carter earned her Associates of Arts in Elementary Education, a bachelor’s degree in Business Supervision and Management, and a Juris Doctor with a focus on family, juvenile, entertainment, and business law.

Dr. Carter is not just a Juris Doctor; she is also a Minister, Motivational Speaker, Founder of Krumpin 4 Success, Inc., and the visionary behind initiatives like Rockin Waffle Café, Youth Business Mall and newly nationally recognized podcast: Bars Unlocked. Her involvement spans various sectors, including Child Welfare, court-appointed roles, volunteering, advocacy, and academia.

As the Founder of Krumpin 4 Success, Inc., Dr. Carter has managed youth and incarcerated programs in Jacksonville and extends assistance statewide and nationally for over 14 years. She's actively engaged in community initiatives, serving on committees, advisory boards, and contributing significantly to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Pro Bono Chair for D.W. Perkins Bar Association, Board Member for Savannah’s Building Futures Inc in Savannah, Ga, and other initiatives throughout Florida and Georgia.

Dr. Carter's commitment to community service has not gone unnoticed. She was honored as a 2018 Community Pearl, recognized by the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. BAZ Chapter. Her books are housed in the Nelson Mandela Library System in South Africa, and she has received accolades such as the 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023 ACHI Magazine Woman of Influence and Non-Profit Executive nominee, interview with Story Corps is in the Library of Congress. In addition, she recently received The President’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 signed by President Biden, 2024 WJXT Jacksonville Image Awards Trailblazer, Culinary Awards from State of Black Food with Chef Kulture National, Alumni for New Leaders Council 2023 (NLC) and a host of other recognitions, news interviews and articles.

Dr Carter’s journey is a testament to her commitment to helping others find their purpose, walk in it, and enhance it for a Purpose Motivated Life. Her dedication to pushing, pressing, and persevering has made her a transformative force in the lives of those she touches.

As "The Purpose Resuscitator," Dr. Carter continues to inspire and lead with unwavering determination, turning every challenge into an opportunity for positive change.

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